Our Mission

  • To Assist as Many Cancer Kids as Possible.
    The Reality
    We are sorry Mrs Muller your medical aid does not cover the treatment for your sons type of cancer. This was the devastating message relayed to the Muller family. WHAT MUST THEY DO NOW BECAUSE THEIR SON MUST BE TREATED. There are so many people like the Muller family who's children are sufferring with Cancer and the treatment for Chemotherapy, Bonemarrow transplants, Radiation and new medicine becomes out of the reach for most families. To assist families like the Muller's we started this Cancer Kids Donations pages where you can place a message of encouragement with your completly volentary donation. We will place your message within 48 hrs after receipt and display it under the heading LETTERS TO KIDS. We will notify you by Email the progress our children make and ask that you carry them in your prayers. You can click on our Contact Us page and just send your personal message. The donations received are used to pay for accommodation, transport, meals and other expences for those parents in need. We are so blessed to be able to make a small contribution toward the recovery of these beautiful Children for tomorrow it might be one of us or a family member.

  • Thankyou for your Donation

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